About us

iTTS's mission is to transfer ICT & know how focus on localization already used in developed countries.

  • Established in May 2011, I Technology Transfer Services (iTTS) PLC is a local ICT transfer and consultancy services company.
  • iTTS provides technology consultancy such as hardware and software testing including smart phones, quality assurance services,IT outsourcing, consulting for different industries of government and private businesses and service delivery organizations.
  • iTTS delivers its services as IT knowledge sharing and training services through a team of professionals,led by Ayalew Shebeshi,Technical & Marketing Manager of iTTS and qualified software tester of ANZTQB & ISTQB with local IT expertises.
  • iTTS' purpose is to help both government & private organizations improve their ICT transformation and ICT testing processes by reducing ICT risk and increasing ICT quality in the areas that matter most.
  • iTTS helps organizations produce quality products of ICT and reduce ICT risk in public and private services.
  • iTTS provides its experiences ensuring our clients become successful and aware their ICT trends and integrations between IT executives & business executives as well as entire employees.